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Pet Sitting Services in Topeka, KS

As a pet owner, the care and emotional well being of your companion is always on your mind. When work responsibilities or vacation plans take you away from your pet, finding a trusted caregiver is a top priority. Traditionally, pet owners have relied on the good intentions of a family member or friend to take care of their pet or have chosen to board their dog or cat at a kennel facility while away.

Fortunately, there is another option available for those looking for Topeka area pet care. We provide a great alternative to kennels and care for your animal at your home. Deb Sue's Animal Sitting provides warm and professional pet sitting and dog walking services at your home while you are away, eliminating anxiety for both the owner and companion.

Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

We are Topeka's most established animal sitting service.  Provided by Deb Sue Smith  and Staff for residents of the Shawnee area who are looking for a responsible person to care for their pet without having to consider boarding in unfamiliar surroundings. As many pet owners will attest, the emotional impact of placing a pet into a kennel-style boarding situation for a few days or longer, also affects the physical well being and potential health of the pet.

Your pet will be staying in his or her own home, with all of the familiar surroundings, smells, food, toys and routines. The maintaining of familiarity in surroundings in your absence is likely one of the most loving things a busy professional can do to keep his or her pet healthy and happy while away from home. Deb Sue's Animal Sitting will keep your pet on a regular routine, diet, and most importantly make sure that your pet gets plenty of personal attention in your absence.

Many clients are relieved knowing that there is someone available during the day to provide dog walking services. A dog walker is a great way to give your pet the exercise they need during the day. While in recent years the advention of "pet day care" facilities have provided relief to concerned pet owners, this process involves the daily transportation of your pet, to and from a day care location. This is time consuming, unnerving and potentially unhealthy for your pet.

Dog Walking Services in Topeka, KS

While many clients of pet sitting services are busy professionals who have periodic out of town trips, there is an increasing number of clients who are concerned with their pet being alone all day while they are simply at work. In some cases, pets become destructive when not given enough exercise and it is these owners who find themselves forced to crate their beloved companion during the day if they cannot find an alternative means to satisfy their need for attention.