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Pet owner are feeling the economic "Bite"

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Animal Sitting , despite the economy quality pet services products are the key happy pet owners.

Considering nearly 130 million cats and dogs across the country are given a gift at Christmas.  Including birds, fish, reptiles and other creatures to the list and pet owners can spend as much on their pets as they do on children.

A professional pet sitting services is more popular than ever, because some owners opt for the baby sitter PET, instead of kennels.  The food or service, may be a fee, but the for the pet's health can make the vet cost less expensive.   Chickens and organic vegetables are not only in health food stores - are common constituents of Premium Pet Foods.

Deb Sue Smith has been working service animals Deb Sue sitting in Topeka for almost 14 years.  She said Pet Sitters are convenient for people who work and can not go home to feed an animal, and out of town owners.

But with more consumers tightening their budgets this year are a Pet Sitting service feel the pressure.  Pet sitting companies make 50 percent to 75 percent of their money during the summer season, which coincides with the holiday season.

The holiday season - Thanksgiving through January - is the busiest time for the Pet Sitting business.  Smith said she also experienced a decline in business Christmas of 2010.

"I assume that people stay home," Smith said. "I think that the economy scared people.   I never had time to slow down, but now it's time for business."

With a total of 17 years in business, Smith said pet care is a full time job for her.  However, said the sluggish economy is hitting businesses like yours.

"It's a little 'scary to me," Smith said. "This is a self-employment. I hope the economy will recover."

Most pet sitters spend half hour with the animals of their clients at each visit.  Most visits include potty breaks, food and care, but pick up the newspaper, brushing teeth of an animal and other applications are common ground.

Pet services and supplies can be a popular over the years, but the holiday season provides an additional opportunity to pamper PET.

They typically will do what the owner wants.  And can have their food in the microwave mixing with other things we have to tailor the service to the needs of their animals.

Hamilton said many customers are still buying high end products, but reducing the amount. Premium dog food, which increased the price of corn is an example.

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