Our pets deserve the best, even when we can't be home.

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Pet Sitting Services in Topeka, KS

Message from Deb Sue:
"I grew up on a farm outside of Emporia, Kansas.  Had numerous pets from dogs, cats, mice, rabbit, goat, white "Tom Turkey" and raccoons..
I knew I had a calling to care for the animals. You might say I have been around animals literally from the time I was born.
Moved to California as an adult.  Thru the years living in California was a manager of a pet store.. LOVED IT..
In 1991 started my first pet sitting service.  I moved back to Kansas, and started my second pet sitting service (1994) going strong ever since.
Also have a staff of 4, which includes my niece, keeping it in the family.
We are bonded and insured, have references..."

Pet Sitters are convenient for people who work and can not go home to feed an animal, or are traveling out of town. Typically we spend a half hour or more with the animals at each visit. Most visits include potty breaks, food and care, but we also pick up the newspaper, brush teeth as requested and other services are common ground. We typically will do what the owner wants. And can mix their food with other things if requested. We tailor the service to the needs of your animals.

Contact me with any questions or request for services.